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gopher mascot designed by Renee French

So, not too long ago, I can recall numerous blog posts created by very puzzled developers over the release of Google’s general-purpose programming language, Go. The range of critiques covered the gamut from, “the language name being totally unsearchable” (I totally agree), to being nothing more than a solution in search of a problem.

Well, six years later, few would argue that the language is gaining steam as far as developer adoption is concerned. Its used by quite a few companies today including Dropbox, Soundcloud, Twitter and of course, Docker. Github Go repositories have reached something like 90,000 from almost nothing a few years ago (yes, not quite Swift speed but still impressive given the timeframe). It’s safe to say, the language has found some firm footing for the future.

A few idiosyncrasies notwithstanding, I was drawn to the language solely for its ‘get s*** done‘ objective. I’m glad more developers seem to share that sentiment today.

So, happy sixth birthday to you, Go!